Evoking Emotion

In this dynamic world of aviation, I'm so fortunate to have all kinds of fabulous opportunities to photograph beautiful aircraft in some really amazing places. But it's important to consider the aviation industry is much more than just the flying machines. After all, they're just machines, right?.

When I drop in on an operation to begin working up a magazine article I immediately begin assessing how to best incorporate the human element into the storyline and the photography. While the machines are all shiny and sexy on the ground, they're really nothing special without people.

In any operation, it's all about the people; the flight crews, mechanics, ground support and administrative personnel... Then there's the world of air medical and search & rescue

Then there are those who have their lives improved and in many cases saved by the actions and teamwork of these crews. Often times these stories and associated photography are intensely compelling, adding a great deal of valuable context to illustrate the significance of the aircraft, the crew and the mission.

While these missions evoke great interest and emotion they're also quite personal. In the heat of the moment, the last thing medical crews or the patient want is some photographer sticking a camera in their face to get an 'action shot.' There are also serious privacy, ethical and safety issues that make those tactics inappropriate and typically unacceptable.